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Hold up- Wet N Wild?

I was watching my mom do her makeup the other day, because I love seeing other people’s routines, and she used this Wet N Wild cream stick highlighter. I was blown away at how beautifully it went on and all day I was staring at her highlight!

A few days later, I had to run to Walgreens and I figured since I was already there I would look at their products. I ended up purchasing:

concealer + corrector in the shade Light Honey

makeup stick Contour

blush stick in Floral Majority

glow stick in a When the Nude Strikes

Hello Halo duo in After Sex Glow

I immediately went home to try this out. The concealer and corrector is now one of my favorite under eye concealers. The slight peachy tone definitely helps to conceal the blue tones under my eye.

The contour stick is really more of a cream bronzer. It’s super warm, so not great for cool skin tones. It did, however, blend well.

I loved the cream blush. The color I bought is a rose tone, but l am definitely interested in going back to purchase the peachy ones too!

Of course I loved the glow stick, that’s why I went there in the first place. For a subtle effect, apply with a brush or finger tips. Or apply directly and blend for a more intense look. I did both.

On top of my cream blush and highlight, I used the powder duo. It’s much more pigmented than it seems! Overall really pretty and smooth.

The rest of the day I looked like a glazed donut! I’ve used all the cream products again since then and I’ll definitely keep them in my daily rotation. After posting my finished results on Instagram, a lot of my friends said they also love the brand. And the best part is, it’s super affordable. On all the products before tax I spent $23.95. As my friend, and stylist extraordinaire, Turah Fai (@turahfai) says, "Slay and $ave".

Since I’ve been in high-end cosmetics for over four years, I’ve gotten used to high performance products with great formulas and pigments. The last time I really used drugstore makeup was in high school. I still believe in high quality makeup and getting what you pay for, however, my friend Angelina (@ladyaquanette) put it best, "Drugstore has come a LONG way from crunchy black eye liner and chalky shadows".

Here is the look I created!

And there’s the tea on Wet N Wild! If you have questions or requests for certain products, email me

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